Shakespeare said:

By The Eclectic Writer

Whoa! Scared to reveal any info! Lol. My name is Melanie. I’m a writer who started blogging through this very difficult yet opportunistic time in my life! I was married to Narcissistic husband for 12 years. Together 14 total. This blog is my story right now! My stories are fictional but my blog is my real life!
I was homeless for three months in Houston Texas which humbled me greatly. I guess I was use to the good life of a roof over my head and food to eat!
My Mom died August 27th. I totaled my car August 28th.
I take life with a passionate view and vigor. I love meeting new people and traveling to anywhere!
Right now I’m going through ugly divorce, but foresee a great future for me! I love to be inspired to write! I have a writer’s heart and soul. For once in my life, I am unafraid!

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