The Twisted Dagger

He loved watching her wither up, like a dried flower, crusted and fragile. He tore her apart daily with his ridicule and malicious verbal attacks. His cruelty saw no boundaries.

One night, he thrust a dagger in her heart and twisted it with devil’s strength. He watched her bleed. He expected her demise, a slow, painful bleed out til death.

But she arose from the floor, the bloodied mess that was once her life.

She tore out the dagger with her bare hand and threw it to the ground.

She was Not Afraid.

Not Afraid of Death.

Not Afraid of his persecution.

She survived….and because of that, she is a warrior for women everywhere. A sign of survival., Persistence, and Overcomming the Odds.

Even a twisted dagger could not kill her, now she was even more dangerous:

Because she knew her true strength, her will to live, to succeed.

By The Eclectic Writer

Whoa! Scared to reveal any info! Lol. My name is Melanie. I’m a writer who started blogging through this very difficult yet opportunistic time in my life! I was married to Narcissistic husband for 12 years. Together 14 total. This blog is my story right now! My stories are fictional but my blog is my real life!
I was homeless for three months in Houston Texas which humbled me greatly. I guess I was use to the good life of a roof over my head and food to eat!
My Mom died August 27th. I totaled my car August 28th.
I take life with a passionate view and vigor. I love meeting new people and traveling to anywhere!
Right now I’m going through ugly divorce, but foresee a great future for me! I love to be inspired to write! I have a writer’s heart and soul. For once in my life, I am unafraid!

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